A State of Trance with Armin van Buuren


Dear users, please let us know what your opinion about our site, what’s missing, what new could be done! We really appreciate your opinion! And we start a poll (right sidebar below Facebook logo or in this post) “Would you like to download other radio show on this site?”. Please vote and, if your answer is “yes”, let us know in comments what radio shows you want to download!! Many, many thanks!!


Dear users!! Would you like to download other radio show on this site?

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  1. Roberts G. says:

    Everything is very good on this sit, you need to upload more sets from Armin! Only about Armin, ASOT and ASTS and Live sets. well, about the tracklist, maybe can clean those: IDID to real songs.

  2. imlegend says:

    noooooooo….. just ASoT

    Armin is the BEST!!!!!!!!

  3. gui says:

    trance around the world ;)

  4. segev says:

    Web site is great not have to change anything,Do not fix what is not broken,You’re doing a good job.
    just upload armin,armin rules

  5. kemerturkey says:

    nooooo, just asot!

  6. leonel says:

    Nooooo, just ASOT and more live sets from armin gigs that is

  7. blake says:

    please leave it just Armin…more Armin and live sets.

  8. Ahmad says:

    it’s amazing .. just Armin

  9. leonel says:

    no changes PLEASE. Only Armin

  10. Pandora says:

    i’d also like to see trance around the world uploads. however asot uploads should be given the priority and if you make other shows available make sure to keep your great asot work (quick, many mirrors, cue files…)

  11. ecabald says:

    No! Leave this site only for ASOT!

  12. vlad says:

    in Trance we trust !

    greetings from Romania :D

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