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Filehost issues, again!!

Dear users, bad news always comes unexpectedly… We all remember Hotfile as favorite hosting, and how it service began to delete files and accounts after complaints for illegal content from big companies!! And now Wupload received a warning about illegal content, and they sent messages to webmasters that can delete files and accounts without notice :( I don’t want that all of the uploaded files will be deleted, so I’ll be use Wupload some time for you (premium accounts) and then leave this service… If you have any suggestions about this, please leave your comments! Thanks! ;)


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  1. blake j. says:

    Ridiculous…keep up the work trance4you. :)

  2. bigzaqui says:

    you could use fileserve, I have a premium account and it rocks!

  3. qUest says:

    Keep up the great work WELOVETRANCE!!!

  4. Balestra says:

    Keep available by torrent via The Pirate Bay.

    Then use torrent

  5. hugo says:

    mmm so that mean that people that i t doesnt have premium account can download the ASOT :( pff ? and what about the other services rapidshare, filesonic, fileserve>

  6. erforderlich says:

    Have you thought about using torrents?

  7. tranceme says:

    just use the fileserve one bro. :)

  8. Trance4you says:

    hugo, no, all people can download files!!

    About torrents, first read this:

    About other fileshares, we will continue to use Fileserve, Filesonic and Uploaded!! And some words about Uploaded, if you have free account your downloaded speed is more than 50KB/s and is limited to 2500KB/s!!

  9. trancer says:

    well,no problem,we’ll use others fileshares fileserve,filesonic.. but just wanna know why you don’t upload on megaupload and rapidshare??they rock!

  10. Sina says:

    we have lots of file sharing sites ! use other ones !

  11. Papa Leguas says:

    I agree torrent rocks without limits all users our fans of weloveatrance.com can help sharing your files :)

  12. Yield says:

    There are other trackers besides thepiratebay, torrents are the best solution and they will not be the only target of MPAA/RIAA.

  13. moein says:

    please upload the ASOt or…. in letitbit.net servers…this is a good sait for upload…

  14. pooyan says:

    hi it’s pooyan from iran i think fileserve is the best hosting service in the world so if u just use fileserve service is better :)

  15. chris says:

    pls use rapidshare… its free, its reliable and it is fast !
    I DL from there without an account with 2-4 MB/s !

  16. Rainer says:

    How about creating your own site and putting the files there?

  17. Roger says:

    what about mixcloud?

    After all that’s what mixcloud is meant for and all the other DJs put up their radio shows there. I don’t know why Armin doesn’t do it himself.

  18. SK says:

    I wud support the torrent suggestions above. There are always going to be issues with file sharing sites.

  19. Taysek says:

    You could try to test adrive for a while. Well, it’s not a server like MU, RS, WU… and in free accounts, links are dead in 15 days, but… there are 50 GB of disk space and it works.

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