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Armin Only 2008 big Armin’s party in Holland


Less than two weeks remain before the start of world tour Armin Van Buuren “IMAGINE! His album, which is dedicated to this event, finally ready, and already on the road to all the music stores of over the world!

Because time is ticking steadily forward to partying, we need to warn you that almost all tickets sold. We want to remind you that you will not be left disappointed.

For those who are not able to come to Armin Only – do not worry! The youngest television channel in Nederlandah, BNN, will broadcast Armin Only: Imagine with 00:07 to the very end. Radio Slam! FM will transmit the entire Chester on the radio, and even if you are outside the Netherlands, you can tune to tide them over the Internet.

Slam!FM: http://www.slamfm.nl/
BNN: http://www.bnn.nl/

Armin van Buuren Imagine 2008 (preview new album)

Armin van Buuren your attention is your new album called “Imagine“, the preparation of which he is past few months. The album is available for pre-order in all major on-line booksellers. Armin pledged that the drive will be an important milestone in his career and will present well-known DJs, not so long ago recognized the best in the world according to DJ Mag Top 100, with the new party.

The album includes 11 totally new compositions. The first single – co-written with DJ Shah and vocalist Chris Dzhounsom (Chris Jones) composition “Going Wrong,” has also been sounded in radio Armina A State Of Trance. Her release was appointed on April 7. The very same album will be on sale two weeks later: 19 April Armin will present it to his solo show Armin Only: Imagine, which will be held in the exhibition complex Jaarbeurs in Utrecht.

This time preparing a solo show is a team ID & T, which in itself promises a new qualitative level event. Unlike past concerts Armin Only held in November 2005 and 2006 at a sports arena in Rotterdam Ahoy, Armin Only: Imagine held at the “home” site of the largest festival Trance Energy.

You have a unique opportunity to prelisten New album Armin Van Buuren “Imagine” (2008)!!!


A State Of Trance 350 Live (7 years of TRANCE with DJ №1 Armin Van Buuren)


May 1, Armin Van Buuren celebrates 350 episodes of his great trance radio show “A State of Trance“. Last year was the celebration of 300 episode in Hertogenbosch. This year we will go further south. The party will be larger. It will be in Belgium for Houtdok Zuidkaai in the city of Antwerp. Live Webcast of the show will veschatsya on 40 radio stations around the world. Venue is ten minutes from downtown, which is very convenient.Now some historical facts.

The first episode of A State of Trance released in 2001, in 2004 the show had begun to reach out to another station. Now it broadcasts SLAM!FM every Friday. Each week the show listen to 4 million.

At the celebration Armin invited, in his opinion, the best DJs (laynap yet unofficial):

  • Nic Chagall
  • Aly & Fila
  • M.I.K.E
  • John O’Callaghan
  • Dj Shah
  • Markus Schulz

Wow, Armin van Buuren wins two IDMA awards !!!


Every year, during the Winter Music Conference in Miami, club music lovers have the opportunity to vote on the nominations: best singer, track, a web site, etc. past year.We are proud to announce that this year, Armin Van Buuren received 2 awards:

* The Best European DJ
* Best Radio Show – A State Of Trance

Armin Van Buuren at Habbo


DJ number one – Armin van Buuren extra 6 February to set its Postbank in the Postbank Bizznizz Lounge in the game Habbo.

Clarified that Habbo Hotel – this is an online game on the Internet. It is a three-dimensional room with the ability to create rooms, the online space is a small player.

The first statement virtual DJs will be broadcast live on radio Habbo. Over the past few months, a record number of users benefited Postbank Bizznizz Lounge. More than a million young users changed their money through the bank. To celebrate this record has been invited Armin van Buuren. The show will begin at 16 pm and will last until 18. You can listen to the radio Armina they live or later in writing.

Armin van Buuren received Pop award

In Holland prize went “Buma Cultuur Pop Award.” The prize is awarded since 1986. It gave the Dutch musicians who have made the greatest progress. Awards were monsters such as music club Unlimited in 1994, Junkie XL in 1998 and in 2002 Tiesto.

That’s turn came to DJs No. 1 – Armin van Buuren. Armin gets Award thanks to his radio show A State of Trance and his own singles and speeches. According to official sources, Mr van Buuren himself is not able to receive it in person because of his tour of South America and sent for that of his brother. In fact, I think it is not very prestigious club-di-pop DJs receive the award.

Armin Only 2008 Imagine

arminonly2008thumbnailApril 19, 2008 Armin van Buuren will present the third part of its mega shows Armin Only. It was he his nine extra hour show. The first two were held in Rotterdam. This time Armin Only Imagine will be held in the city of Utrecht. As in past years, Armin is going to surprise us an excellent show!As Armin, so we chose it as the best DJ this year, it obliges him to make mega party.Why is the show called Armin Only Imagine? Because the so-called new album will Armina, which will come on the market daily show. Tickets can already be ordered on the Internet at the price of 41 Euro.

Amsterdam, 17th of December 2007 – Armin van Buuren, worlds number 1 DJ, will perform a challenging and mind blowing 9 hours set at the 3rd edition of Armin Only on Saturday the 19th of April 2008. After two successful editions at the Ahoy in Rotterdam Armin will take Armin Only Imagine to the Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. Like the two previous Armin Only`s Armin will be backed up by several surprise acts and artists.

“That I got voted number 1 DJ by the readers of DJ Mag” says Armin,” made me decide to go a little bit bigger this year. That`s why we chose Jaarbeurs Utrecht to be the venue of choice to have Armin Only Imagine. During this show all the pieces of the puzzle will fall together in a spectacular setting that will go above your imagination!”

The theme of this edition of Armin Only is Imagine, this will also be the title of Armin`s forthcoming artist album, which will hit the stores on the same day as Armin Only Imagine. The theme is set to tease the unique senses us people have.

The online pre-sale started on www.arminonly.com and www.easyticket.nl. The pre-sales through Ticketbox starts December the 15th. More info about Armin Only Imagine can be found on www.arminlonly.com

Damage: € 41,00 plus service costs.



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