A State of Trance with Armin van Buuren

armin_van_buuren_dj_mag_top_100_2009British leading Dance Magazine, DJ Mag, is hosting their annual DJ Mag Top 100 DJ list again. Every year you have the chance to leave your vote for the DJ that has left the biggest impression on you during that year. With casting your vote you are able to help out the artist, to boost them to a high position in the chart.

With all artists, spotlights, critics and fans keeping their eye out for the new voting poll of the critically acclaimed DJ Mag Top 100, this year’s voting round will be another exciting one.

2008 brought Armin his first on-the-road biography book, a few very important Awards, a broken world-record, more than 150 gigs, the 400th episode of his ‘A State of Trance’ radioshow, his third artist album ‘Imagine’ with the Armin Only world tour and high chart positions, 4 International Dance Music Awards, more than 26 million views to his ‘In & Out of Love’ music video on YouTube and of course: a whole lot of support of his fans along the way.

If you want Armin Van Buuren to stay right where he is, on top, then vote for him at the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll. Voting for your favourite DJ’s is on until September 23rd.

Voting is closed!!! Waiting for the results…


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  1. Trance4you says:

    My votes:
    1. Armin Van Buuren
    2. Tiesto
    3. Ferry Corsten
    4. Markus Schulz
    5. Aly & Fila

  2. ceacea30 says:

    My votes:
    1. Armin Van Buuren(for ever)

    3.markus schulz
    4.atb(for the album futur memories)
    5.Aly & Fila

  3. ashraf says:

    My votes:
    1-Armin van Buuren
    3-David Vendetta
    5-Cosmic gate

  4. reza daryabari says:

    1.armin van buuren(god of trance music)
    2.tiesto(he is an idol)
    3.above & beyond
    4.atb (he is unique!!)
    5.ferry corsten

  5. EllinQa says:

    1. Armin van Buuren (TRANCE GOD 4 EVER)
    2. Above & Beyond
    3. Ferry Corsten
    4. Gareth Emery
    5. David Guetta

  6. rootkiller says:

    1. Armin van Buuren
    2. Myon & Shane 54
    3. Markus Schulz
    4. Roger Shah
    5. Above & Beyond

    I don’t like Tiesto and PvD.

  7. Milad says:

    My votes:
    3.Armin van Buuren

  8. nando says:

    My votes:
    1.Armin van Buuren
    2.above & beyond
    3.paul van dyk
    4.ferry cosrten
    5.Markus Schulz
    6.Cosmic gate
    7.andy mooor

    7.Daniel kandi

  9. Nader says:

    My votes :

    1. Armin Van Buuren (4 everrr..)
    2. Above & Beyond
    3. Markus Schulz , Ferry Corsten
    4. Marco V., Sandre Van Dooren, Cosmic Gate, Dj Shah, Sied Van Riel, Andy Moor, Gareth Emery, Myon&Shane54, Daniel&Kandi, Leon Bolier, Sean Tyes, Ronski Speed, ATB, First State, Tydi etc..
    5. Paul Van Dyk, Tiesto, Vengaboys ;) etc…

  10. Ahmad.IR says:

    1. Armin van buuren
    2. Armin van buuren
    3. Armin van buuren
    4. Armin van buuren
    5. Armin van buuren

  11. saeed says:


  12. Gustavo van says:


    any question??

  13. Sosenka says:

    1) Armin
    2) Above & Beyond
    3) Markus Schulz
    4) Ferry Corsten
    5) Aly & Fila

  14. BeastmasteR says:

    1) Oakenfold sets(1998-2003)
    4)Paul van Dyk

  15. teylor neves says:


    Armin van buuren


    markus schuz

    above &beyound

    ferry corsten

    I admit seeing david guetta the first nor dead
    who deserves is Armin van Buuren (david guetta just plays nothing cool shit!) but he already understands the armin (so guys, let us unite our forces to elect the Armin van Buuren better for the fourth straight time and forever! )

  16. Ariel says:

    Armin is the best!!!!

  17. Kevin says:

    1. Armin
    2. Tiesto
    3. George Acosta
    4. Above and Beyond
    5. Solaris

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