A State of Trance with Armin van Buuren

After full report from Armin Only Imagine 2008 (19 April Jaarbeurs Utrecht), you can download all tracks in Mp3 and download Video there!!! Please click this link bellow:

Artist: Armin Van Buuren
Title: Live at Armin Only Imagine (19 April Jaarbeurs Utrecht NL)
Genre: Trance
Source: Live Session From Party
Reldate: April 20 2008
Tracks: 96
Length: 449:29 min
FileSize: 535,9 MB

Full tracklisting:

Warmup Mix
01. Parker & Hanson – Aim High, Shoot Low
02. Hybrid – I Know (Keenan & Anderson Remix)
03. Armin Van Buuren vs. Lange – If You Should Go Songless (Victoria’s Secret Mashup)
04. Underworld – Beautiful Burnout (Mark Knight Remix)
05. Jaytech – Pepe’s Garden
06. Tomy Nash – Fever
07. Mazzy Star – Into Dust (John O’Callaghan Deep Dream Remix)
08. Morgan Page Featuring Lissie – Longest Road (Deadmau5 Remix)
09. Chicane Featuring Maire Brennan – Saltwater
10. Jay Luman – Ultra

Live Performance with Jaren Cerf:
11. Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren – Light The Skies (Retrobyte’s Classic Electrobounce Mix)

12. Armin Van Buuren Featuring Vera Ostrova – What If
13. Dash Berlin – Till The Sky Falls Down (Dub Mix vs. Vocal Mix)
14. Orjan Nielsen – La Guitarra
15. Glenn Frantz – Space Bar
16. ID (Track 5 from ASOT 333)
17. Cressida – 6am (Kyau & Albert Remix)
18. Glenn Morrison – Circles vs. ID (Armin Van Buuren Mashup)
19. Daft Punk – Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger (Deadmau5 Remix)
20. Ilse De Lange – The Great Escape (Armin Van Buuren Remix)

Live Performance with Jaren Cerf:
21. Armin Van Buuren Featuring Jaren – Unforgiveable

22. Deadmau5 – Clockwork
23. Sia – The Girl You Lost To Cocaine (Sander Van Doorn Remix)
24. First State Featuring Elliot Johns – Your Own Way (First State’s Pounding Club Mix)
25. ID

Live Performance with Jennifer Rene:
26. Jose Amnesia Featuring Jennifer Rene – Invincible (Sied Van Riel Remix)
27. Armin Van Buuren Featuring Jennifer Rene – Fine Without You

28. Nic Chagall – What You Need (Marco V Remix)
29. Armin Van Buuren – Face To Face
30. Skunk Ananzie – Brazen (Weep) (Richard Durand Remix)

Armin Only: Imagine
31. Intro (The Sound of Armin Van Buuren)

Live Performance with Eller Van Buuren:
32. Armin Van Buuren – Imagine

33. Leon Bolier – Ocean Drive Boulevard
34. Dyor – Emotions (Second Emotion Mix / Markus Schulz Big Room Reconstruction)
35. Orkidea & David West – God’s Garden
36. 4 Strings – Into The Night (Re-Ward Remix)
37. Peter Martijn Wijnia Presents Majesta – Not The End w/ DJ Shah Featuring Adrina Thorpe – Who Will Find Me (Acappella)
38. Alex M.O.R.P.H. – Walk The Edge (Alex M.O.R.P.H. B2B Woody Van Eyden Remix)

Live Performance with DJ Shah and Chris Jones:
39. Armin Van Buuren vs. DJ Shah Featuring Chris Jones – Going Wrong (Armin Only Mix)

40. Timbaland Featuring One Republic – Apologize (Sander Van Doorn Bootleg Mix)
41. Polymental – Chapter One (Mark Sherry Remix)
42. ID

Live Performance with Susana:
43. Armin Van Buuren Featuring Susana – If You Should Go (Aly & Fila Remix)

44. Embrace – Embrace (Ferry Fix)
45. Luke Warner & Mat Lock – Deep Psychosis (Daniel Kandi’s Cure Remix)
46. Majai – Phoria (Jorn Van Deynhoven Remix)

Live Performance with Benno De Goeij and Sharon Den Adel:
47. Armin Van Buuren Featuring Sharon Den Adel – In & Out of Love

Live Performance with Benno De Goeij and Jacqueline Govaert:
48. Armin van Buuren Featuring Jacqueline Govaert – Never Say Never

49. Santiago & Bushido – Head Trick (Original Mix)
50. Funkagenda – What The F**k
51. ID
52. Armin Van Buuren Featuring Nadia Ali – Who Is Watching (Remy & Roland Klinkenberg Remix)

Live Performance with Eller Van Buuren:
53. Armin Van Buuren Featuring Gabriel & Dresden – Zocalo (Armin In Mexico Mix)

54. Armin Van Buuren – Control Freak (Sander Van Doorn Remix)
55. Armin Van Buuren vs. Rank 1 Featuring Kush – This World Is Watching Me (Cosmic Gate Remix)

Live Performance with Susana:
56. Armin Van Buuren – Shivers (Alex M.O.R.P.H.’s Red Light Dub)

57. Armin Van Buuren Featuring Racoon – Love You More
58. Armin Van Buuren – Sail
59. Armin Van Buuren Featuring Jan Vayne – Serenity (Signum Remix)
60. Armin Van Buuren Featuring Ray Wilson – Yet Another Day (Hiver & Hammer Remix)
61. Armin Van Buuren Featuring Justine Suissa – Burned With Desire (Rising Star Mix)
62. Armin Van Buuren – Communication Part 3
63. Binary Finary – 1998 (Binary’s Finality Mix)
64. Stoneface & Terminal – Pictures (Club Mix)
65. Markus Schulz Featuring Andy Moor – Daydream (Lemon & Einar K Remix)
66. Marc Marberg with Kyau & Albert – Megashira
67. ID

Live Performance with Audrey Gallagher:
68. John O’Callaghan Featuring Audrey Gallagher – Big Sky (Agnelli & Nelson Remix)
69. Armin Van Buuren Featuring Audrey Gallagher – Hold On To Me

70. The Doppler Effect – Beauty Hides In The Deep (John O’Callaghan Remix)
71. DJ Eco – Tonight Is Forever
72. Art of Trance – Madagascar (Remix)

Live Performance with Cathy Burton:
73. Armin Van Buuren Featuring Cathy Burton – Rain

74. Ernesto vs. Bastian – Thrill
75. Nenes vs. Cosmic Gate Featuring Denise Rivera – Body of Teksha (Filo & Peri Mashup)
76. Simon Patterson – Smack

Live Performance with Elles De Graaf:
77. Armin Van Buuren Presents Perpetuous Dreamer – The Sound of Goodbye (Armin’s Tribal Feel vs. Nic Chagall Remix)

78. D-unity – Area 57 (Captivating Sounds)
79. Bissen Presents The Crossover – Quicksand (Joint Operations Centre Remix)
80. Way Out West – The Fall (Richard Durand Remix)
81. Andy Ling – Fixation (Airwave Remix)
82. Armin Van Buuren – Rush Hour
83. Oasis – Champagne Supernova (Remix)

Live Performance with Jennifer Rene:
84. Jose Amnesia Featuring Jennifer Rene – Louder (Jon O’Bir Remix)

85. Aly & Fila – Lost Language
86. Club Scene Investigators – Direct Dizko (Sander Van Doorn Remix)
87. Umek – Gatex (Tiësto Remix) w/ Faithless – Insomnia (Acappella)
88. Rex Mundi vs. Ronski Speed – The Perspective Space (Markus Schulz Mashup)
89. L.S.G. – Hidden Sun of Venus (12″ Mix)
90. L.S.G. – Netherworld (Oliver Prime Remix)
91. Sean Tyas – Lift
92. Midway – Monkey Forest (Jonas Stenberg Remix)
93. Marco V – Simulated (Marco V 2006 Edit)
94. Veracocha – Carte Blanche (Cosmic Gate Remix)

95. Cassandra Fox – Touch Me (Mike Koglin & Jono Grant Remix)
96. Armin vs. Tiësto Featuring Ray Wilson – Yet Another Suburban Train

Links for download “Armin Only 2008″:


Length: 06:47:40
Total Size: 2,09 GB


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part6 part7 part8 part9 part10

part11 part12 part13 part14 part15

part16 psrt17 part18 part19 part20

part21 part22 part23 part24 part25

part26 part27

VIDEO Download from Rapidshare (22 part)



4 part 22:07-04:20 Recorded live from SLAM.FM Radio at 128 kbps (CBR), Rapidshare.com:

part1 part2 part 3 part4

4 part from Uploaded.to:

part1 part2 part3 part4

4 part from Depositefiles.com:

part1 part2 part3 part4

6 Part from Rapidshare, Depositefiles, Zshare and Mediafire ( 1 part = 90 Mb):

Part 1:

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Part 2:

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Part 3:

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Part 4:

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Part 5:

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Part 6:

download from www.zshare.net
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download from www.mediafire.com

Video download for Russian people ( hey!!! Don’t be afraid if you don’t know the Russian language, after click links on this page type the number you see in the picture and click “Поехали“):

Track 14-24

Track 25-28

Track 29-34

Track 34-38

Track 38-48

Track 49-59

Track 60-69

Track 70-77

Track 78-84

Track 85-96


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