A State of Trance with Armin van Buuren

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DJ Armin van Buuren - A State of Trance 406 | WeLoveaTrance armin-van-buuren-plays-asot-at-weloveatrance



  1. ¨˜”°º•ENE®GY•º°”˜¨ says:

    i ⓛⓞⓥⓔ that man (Armin Van Buuren ) cuz u have mind really u have mind in world ¨˜”°º•ENE®GY•º°”˜¨

  2. carsten (DK) says:

    Simple THE BEST DJ ever.

    Lot of good vibes from all trance fans in Denmark

  3. nvb says:

    i jus love ARMIN
    he is simply the best dj on this earth
    jus love him n his music

  4. Thomas[lithuania] says:

    greetings from lithuania,probably you are the best progressive trance dj ARMIN in the world,lithuanian fan’s are waiting for your arrival

  5. Patrick O`Lynch de Town says:

    Greetings from munich germany.

    Armin`s ASOT 371 and the Oktoberfest.
    What a feeling :-p

    Party on

  6. Fates says:

    A huge hello all the way from the Cape Town South Africa!

    Thanks to Armin for the euphoric feeling that every eps creates.

    With ASOT 08 out you realize that as years progessed the passion has only grown..

    the heartbeat will never fade, the party will never end!!

    Cape Town South Africa will welcome you with open arms!

  7. jivoi says:

    respect from Moldova!
    Armin the best dj

  8. Jane says:

    Hello to everyone from Russia!!! Armin, YOU ARE THE BEST!!!! we’re waiting here for your arrival…!!!
    I can’t stop listenin’ to album Imagine and ASOT 2008—-> something amazing and supernatural!!!! tunes of these tracks are permanently stuck in my mind!!!! that’s great!!!!!!!

  9. Diego says:

    Goood stuff ur the best man!!!!!! saludos desde colombia

  10. Jarin says:

    Hey, guys. I want to thank the power of these page and Armin itself as an excellent music too greetings from the Czech Republic sent Jarin

  11. l_ua says:

    greeting from Ukraine
    Armin is amazing, i revealed that his music the best.
    in the past two years i listened almost every 2nd asot.
    Cheer for good job. keep it on this way!!!


  12. Midas says:

    Greeting from Russia this time!
    I like that music! Armin ruleeezzzz! :)

  13. catherine says:

    [+] GOD Bless u always in your life, carrer n health…amen.. best support fr indonesia !

  14. nike says:

    With Armin’s music i feel so energious that i can’t express it…thank you for making us happy.

  15. Nikrooz says:

    Salar kiram dahanet.
    Armin love U,salar bet kun mide.

  16. SaLaR says:

    i LOVE u, this is my dream that 1 day i come to c u in ur concert :X

  17. keivan says:

    Imagine the world without you!!!!
    Thats impossible :*

  18. sina sibil says:

    yezare 6 o 8e ahangato ziyad koni bishtar hal midehaaaaaaaa,vali damet jiz,ba maram :D evyal eyval
    kir too koone bepichuna… :) )SALAR ham behet koon mide

    you’re lovely armini joonam :X

  19. SaLaR says:

    koSe aMMe sina sibil :D :) ) mage na armin :) )

  20. sina sibil says:

    asan panir… dahane salaro…am navidam mipichunam:D
    payei armin???
    ye barname begaiye navid bezarim???:))
    So Say: salare khanoom biyr ;-) :-P

  21. Jerome Pirtheesingh says:

    Thank you for the music…..God’s blessings to you and yours…..Respect.

  22. I send u a lots of emails Armin but u didn”t answer mine , i send u email on my birthday on 26 february and before that and u didn”t read on any episode a state of trance :) , anyway please come back more often in Romania peoples loves u here very much , GOD BLESS U ARMIN

  23. Trance4you says:

    Armin is very busy man!! I send him a lot of e-mails too, but received no reply:( We can only enjoy his wonderful music and say: THANK YOU ARMIN!!!

  24. arminfan777 says:

    armin van buuren is the best DJ ever , keep on producing music and touring , greetings from egypt hope u stop bye one day thousands of fans here

  25. lefaki says:

    i love armin(L)
    i love armin(L)
    i love armin(L)
    i love armin(L)
    i love armin(L)
    i love armin(L)
    i love armin(L)
    i love armin(L)
    i love armin(L)
    i love armin(L)

  26. arash says:

    you are the best in trance,i really enjoy listening to ASOT,i live with trance everyday,tnx so much mr dj for making us energeric

  27. FARID says:

    ARMIN i wanna see u in BAKU

  28. Vale says:

    I’d like to dedicate all the albums for my angel Liliana.

  29. Adrian says:

    Simple…He’s Da Best!

  30. Tim says:

    when u say trance you actually saying Armin Van Buuren but in kinda short format =)))) you are the best man!

  31. Andrew says:

    Peace and love from Latvia! ARMIN really is the best dj ever wrlod has seen. Your Latvian fans are waiting you in Riga! (peace and love to everyone)

  32. Duda says:

    Armin COOL!!!!

  33. ma_sher says:

    Really Armin you good Dj! Your Sound so uncommon. It’s wondrerful!!! I Wish You Luck in Voting of Dj Mag…!

  34. ELIE says:

    armin you are the best !!!! #1 dj

    i enjoy to listening ASOT every day thank you !!! :P

    waitin you in LEBANON :) :)the next year

  35. BLAKE J. says:

    Please make a trip to New Orleans Armin.I listen to ur mp3 all day at work as a diesel tech.love you bro…

  36. Ivanka says:

    Armin you were genial on PURE XL EDITION in Prague! Please come to Slovakia too… You are the best! <3

  37. Heidi says:

    Everlasting love and gratitude from Central California to you, Armin.

    Your music is a gift of positivity and light and has brought me through some long dark days. Thank You!

    May love for each other be the resonant frequency that unites and saves our planet.

  38. Maroonov says:

    ARMINN World’s best DJ !! 2nite playin live in Beirut ! cant wait :D :D Greetings from Lebanon !

  39. Raul says:

    From Spain, ARMIN VAN BUUREN the best of the best DJ’s Internacional

  40. ferino says:

    From Slovakia,Armin van Buuren is best…

  41. Pankas says:

    Meet You in the ASOT 500 live.

    God I can`t wait that…

    From Lithuanian!

  42. Tareq Qaddouumi says:

    When Armin came to jordan this summer to distant heat he did refresh the life there i would neva imagine the world without armin

    your fans from jordan

  43. arminnnnnnnnnn you areeeeeee the best!!!i loveee u arminnnnnnnn ohhh my god!!!i love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu arminnnnnnn!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. IsAaC says:

    Simplemente Armin es el mejor
    Dj del mundo,
    saludos desde México!!!

  45. Kallou says:


    I’m french and i’ve discovered ASOT by an ensidia guild Wow video (exactly Super8 n’ Tab and Andy Blueman)and since 6 month: i’m a super Fan ! I listen 2 or 3 sets by day: it’s make me flyyyyyyyyyy

    Love arminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn and his ASOT !!!!!!!

  46. Josh says:


    ASOT is very much alive in Cape Town South Africa…

    Loving the mixes, loving the tracks, loving the trance…

  47. Laura says:

    here writes the blonde that was your concert 13-05-2010 Denboche and a very dencing front, you were awesome! I love you:)

  48. you are the best in trance,i really enjoy listening to ASOT

  49. SHER - SWEDEN (Sverige) says:

    Waiting for you in Stockholm!!!
    Vi ses i Sverige!

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