A State of Trance with Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren (born December 25, 1976) is a trance music DJ and producer from Leiden, the Netherlands. In 2007, he was voted number one DJ in DJ Mag’s annual Top 100 vote.


Armin Van Buuren has chosen his career as a professional musician, despite the commitment to a career in law in his homeland, the Netherlands, where he studied law was adopted in 2004. Armin has to work as a DJ in a local nightclub called the Nexus, after the secondary school in 1995 and went to the College of Medicine study. In the meantime, he moved his equipment in his room at a ‘real’ studio. The first song he produced in his new studio, among other things, the songs such as “Touch Me” and “communication”. Van Buuren was quoted as saying: “Do not be a prisoner of your own style.” He describes his musical style as “liberating, euphoric, melodic and energetic.”

He directs a radio broadcast The state trance. The show’s 300th Follow in May 2007, has been working for more than 6 years.

In October 2002, Van Buuren was No. 5 in the DJ Mag 100th The following year he was promoted to the 3 court, and he gave closes for 3 years straight. His work led him not only to the 2 court, directly under Paul van Dyk in 2006 polls.

After all the years of waiting, Armin reached No. 1 in winning 2007 DJ Mag Top 100th.





    Thank you !! thanks you !!

    It is quite exciting to hear you are again number ONE, i have been follwing you , I watched you in BRAZIL, where I live, after in MIAMI, after Washington, so ASOT 450 in NY, so in IBIZA 4 times this summer, and in DECEMBER in Argentina, I really love your music, its make me Scream, the Uplifiting is real music, vocal are amazing..

    So!! Congratulations, Keep doing it, a perfect DJ, showing the BEST trance for US.

    And thanks for all good producers , TRANCE is everything..

    FAB !!!

  2. ramin_planet@yahoo.com says:

    that AVB is GOD of them
    and im his PRAISER ……….
    4eva in my mind

    . ARMIN
    BUUREN .

  3. Mjeed says:

    I love you armin you are aewsome

    you Nr1 in world

  4. Germán says:

    the best…

  5. Olix-Transsiberia says:

    Im A 15 Years Old Kid And I Love Trance Especially Your Soundtracks ! Good Work Armin ! Greetings From Morocco

  6. PED says:

    armin van buuren is DJ N°1 ALL DAYS AND ALL YEARS HE MEKE ME FEEL GOOD PLZ come in MOROCCO we LOVE U

  7. Eslam Hesham says:

    even i am a metalhead but i always to a state of trance and love armin van buuren :) :) :) !

  8. Pablo - Poland says:

    Thank’s for all Armin.
    We love You!!

  9. Amit - India says:

    Armin, thanks for the amazing music!! We love every bit of it! :)

  10. josephine says:

    asot sounds gr8t on my moby esp when you dj! thxs sooo much for doing wat u do. Excepy for one hit wonders where would we be?

  11. Paul Boller says:

    Hi Armin. I download the A state of Trance 440. Question! There is a song that i like. Is the song minute 18:54 until 2:00 minutes What is the song on that track called?

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