A State of Trance with Armin van Buuren

Armin van Buuren (born December 25, 1976) is a trance music DJ and producer from Leiden, the Netherlands. In 2007, he was voted number one DJ in DJ Mag’s annual Top 100 vote.


Armin Van Buuren has chosen his career as a professional musician, despite the commitment to a career in law in his homeland, the Netherlands, where he studied law was adopted in 2004. Armin has to work as a DJ in a local nightclub called the Nexus, after the secondary school in 1995 and went to the College of Medicine study. In the meantime, he moved his equipment in his room at a ‘real’ studio. The first song he produced in his new studio, among other things, the songs such as “Touch Me” and “communication”. Van Buuren was quoted as saying: “Do not be a prisoner of your own style.” He describes his musical style as “liberating, euphoric, melodic and energetic.”

He directs a radio broadcast The state trance. The show’s 300th Follow in May 2007, has been working for more than 6 years.

In October 2002, Van Buuren was No. 5 in the DJ Mag 100th The following year he was promoted to the 3 court, and he gave closes for 3 years straight. His work led him not only to the 2 court, directly under Paul van Dyk in 2006 polls.

After all the years of waiting, Armin reached No. 1 in winning 2007 DJ Mag Top 100th.



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  1. daniel says:

    ARMIN ıs amazıng , it’s always a pleasure for me to lısten hıs musıc ıncludıng asot radıo show NO 1

  2. lowrider82 says:

    armin is simply the best

  3. Cole Guertin says:

    I saw Armin at blush ultra club last night here in Winnipeg. He is possibly the best performer I have seen to date and I’ve been to many concerts in my 18 years hahah. His music is what orginally inspired me to become a mobile DJ and start in the trade. I’m a local aspiring DJ with alot of music talent and a great ear. Anyway, ARMIN ROX.

    - Cole

  4. george says:

    yo! Armin is a great DJ!
    i love his music! come to australia!!

  5. ravers says:

    i like his style music
    after each radioshow in can found 1 or 2 new single sound

    thanx armin

  6. tatiana says:

    i love armin and i think that he is the best dj you must come to el salvador please!!!

  7. Nina says:

    ja Cię człowieku kocham normalnie robisz kosmiczną muzykę:))):*

  8. zaha says:

    thx for you’r music!GOD bless you !!!from spain

  9. LELSIE says:

    ArMiN eReZ lO mAxImO

    i LoVe YoU 4eVa No Ahi NaDiE

    mEjO q Tu ErEz El NuMeRo 1

    4eVa I lOvE yOu i LoVe YoU

    i LovE yOu I lOvE yOu…

    yOuR MuSiC iS ThE bEsT oF

    tHe WoRlD…..!!!!

    i LovE yOu….

  10. @nista says:

    dis man is so gud…d best Dj..n his musik….is just WOAW…i just luv him n his musik…

  11. Etienne says:

    You’r the ONE man!

  12. Shaun says:

    Thanks for putting all that hard work into the state of trance programs, I really enjoy listening to all the great sounds!

  13. Ana Escárzaga says:

    Armin tu creas la música perfecta, jamás pense encontar a un artista como tú, te agradezco que hagas tu música que nadie iguala, eres el mejor. trance never die, thank you Armin!!!! We love you!

  14. Diana velasquez says:


  15. Denisse carrillo Nogales says:

    Armin tu musica
    es genial tiene un sentido puro
    Y ADEMas
    estas bien guapo
    i love armin!!!!!!!!

  16. letmag says:

    I think you’re the best dj …

    and also your music represents a lot …

    by the letters …

    besides you are beautiful …

  17. carlos says:

    armin eres el mejor dj del mundo i love you you are the best te admiro demasiado

  18. catherine says:

    big applause n 2 thumbs up for armin and my hands created A letter always, when he performed in bengkel night park jakarta at nov 8, 2008… love u much…!

  19. nike says:

    I can’t tell you why I love trance, perhaps it takes me somewhere away,and makes me feel completely relaxed.Nobody compares to Armin.I hope you will visit Georgia,Tbilisi too.

  20. lefaki says:

    I love armin he is amazing… :)

  21. Princy_Jones says:

    Armin…what you do to the body with your music is unexplainable. Keep it up!!!!

  22. Gourgen says:

    Armin, you are a genius! You know music is amazing when it gives you goosebumps when i hear you music i get the from head to toe!

  23. armin van buuren only music mixx
    so goed nummbers amazing
    a love ramin music lisen de best

  24. i love u armin. i like ur compose “IN AND OUT OF LOVE” MOST.

  25. Jeremy says:

    Well tomorrow I will be seeing AVB live and am looking forward to it. Welcome to South Africa AVB.

  26. Ruben (Mister) says:

    The Saturday Surgery (KFM radio Cape Town) late night needs you………

  27. Maeve says:

    I wanna do him.

  28. bulk says:

    yo armin is da best dj ever come to egypt

  29. Mazli says:

    i think that Armin is our god!! Armin is the most handsome,charismatic,and troule boy of the world!!!

  30. Yevgeniya says:

    Armin was in montreal yesterday @ pepsi forum! It was SICK!!! We LOVE you Armin!! Trance at its best!!!

  31. امین says:

    I am Amin From Iran,
    I Love Trances Of Armin, & I’m Listening Them Now,
    It’s Very Best.

  32. joop says:

    Armin, you full my universe with delight, thank you so much for it. Croatia loves you and plz come back ! :-) ))

  33. maryf says:

    Najlepsi Dj na svete!!!!!!!!!!
    Jeho muzika je genialna, jeho Asoty su proste skvele. Si genius v tom co robis…si proste naj!!

  34. Sakis(Greece) says:

    <3 We love Trance <3
    We love Armin van Buuren

  35. Fahad says:

    Armin ! You’re the God of Trance !

    ASOT is actually the highlight of my week.

    May the Force be with you Bro !

  36. Carlos says:

    Yeah, is simple, es the BEST! thanx armin.

  37. brecht van neste says:


  38. Sergio Martinez says:

    Thanks for the music.

    Live from San Juan, Puerto Rico in the Caribbeann

  39. H Steyn says:

    Armin, jy maak my dag! ek love jou musiek. Ek kan geen dag sonder dit gaan nie. Groete! H Steyn, Suid Afrika

  40. xxsilk109xx says:

    He is the boss! He is so cool, it would be awesome to hang out with him for a day!

  41. amir youssef says:

    ARMIN ıs amazıng . i love his music . & I am happy that I heard this – Aisha (Ashley Wallbridge Remix) ، Thank you very much

  42. akif says:

    armin is god,armin is life ı love armin

  43. edi says:

    Thanks for the music.

    Live from Butiá, Rio Grande do Sul in the Brazil!!

  44. BARBAROUS says:

    uuupppssss …….. I Love You Armin very very very very very very very

  45. nitin says:

    armin is the best of all….he make me feel im flyin high in the sky n smtimes emotional,, n make my tears fall dwn >>he is amazingggg,,,its my dream to make a composition with armin only once….

  46. thanks for the video music nummber hits armin van buuren this de best from holland

  47. Antonio Freire says:

    Armin é FODA. É o cara , o PICA!

  48. AVB4ever says:

    armin you’re the best dj ever in this world and also a good person.Thank you for all those songs and asots you’ve released…Specially thanks for the MIRAGE its the best album everrrr.LOVE YOU YOU’re THE MEN!!!!!!Thank God for your existing!!!!!!!

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