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What is a State Of Trance?


A State of Trance (often abbreviated as ASoT or ASOT) is the title of a weekly radio show hosted by popular trance DJ Armin van Buuren. First airing in March 2001 on ID&T Radio (the predecessor of Slam!FM), the show takes the format of a two hour mix in which he plays new trance music, both promotional and commercially released. Selected tracks are announced during the show in order to help promote new artists and releases. Its radio-show/website combination has proven popular internationally, as fans – while listening to the radio-show – will converse in the website chat-rooms and forums, such as DI.FM, during the broadcast. Internationally, the show attracts more than 6,000,000 listeners each week.

Time of ASOT radio show:

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Digitally Imported Radio – Trance Channel (http://www.di.fm/shows/a-state-of-trance)



  1. Bundy says:

    Please, upload Asot on other server. Rapidgator is very slow and Novafile is only for premium members.

  2. Mathlight says:

    Please, do upload the files also on mega.co.nz Default account ( free ) has 50GB storage, and the downloads are “fast”…

    Thanks in advantage!

  3. Bjorbre says:

    2 Questions:
    a) Will you upload all episodes from 650 Almaty (sent last night)?
    b) How do I get a username so I can log in?

    Thanks and regards

  4. Trance4you says:

    Bjorbre, sets from Almaty in processing ;) Sorry, I temporarily closed registration because spam bots!! if you need, i open it for you! ;)

  5. Bjorbre says:

    Please do – I’ve used your site alot since 2008 when I started listening to trance / Armin.
    (I think I have more or less all asots, except Almaty :- )

    Thanks and regards

  6. Bjorbre says:

    The Preparty in Moscow Jan. 30th:
    There was 3hrs live from “The Artist Club” – has more been broadcasted from this event later?

    Thanks and regards

  7. Trance4you says:

    Bjorbre, if it will be re-broadcasted in “A State of Sundays” I will post it! ;) And I will open registration for few days!

  8. Bjorbre says:

    Thanks (for a great site)!!
    (Can’t wait for 650 in Utrecht this weekend:- )

  9. Alireza says:

    THANKS for please upload Asot on other server. Rapidgator is very slow and Novafile is only for premium members..
    Thanks for agreat site

  10. bjorbre says:

    Do you know when ASOT 650 Kuala Lumpur + Armin and Dash’s sets from 650 in Chile will be available?
    Again: Thanks for a great site :-)

  11. NivramJ says:

    ASOT 660 and 662 source files (320) corrupted; skip periodically throughout entire 2 hours.

  12. Mariusz says:

    Hi. refresh asot 000 becouse link doesnt work, please

  13. Vlad says:

    Does the site have feedback? This is a useful feature.

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