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What is a State Of Trance?


A State of Trance (often abbreviated as ASoT or ASOT) is the title of a weekly radio show hosted by popular trance DJ Armin van Buuren. First airing in March 2001 on ID&T Radio (the predecessor of Slam!FM), the show takes the format of a two hour mix in which he plays new trance music, both promotional and commercially released. Selected tracks are announced during the show in order to help promote new artists and releases. Its radio-show/website combination has proven popular internationally, as fans – while listening to the radio-show – will converse in the website chat-rooms and forums, such as DI.FM, during the broadcast. Internationally, the show attracts more than 6,000,000 listeners each week.

Time of ASOT radio show:

Click here to find out when the show starts in your time zone.


Digitally Imported Radio – Trance Channel (http://www.di.fm/shows/a-state-of-trance)



  1. Valintino says:

    Hello, Your site is great.
    Regards, Valiintino Guxxi

  2. JAcksparrow says:

    i love ASOT> life is beautiful

  3. Christian Figueroa says:

    hey, I just love ASOT, but tell me when can I hear it on air…I know its weekly, but wich day? hour? this site?..please let me know.I dont wanna miss another episode!

  4. Trance4you says:

    Hey Christian,

    Time of ASOT radio show:
    Click here to find out when the show starts in your time zone.

    Digitally Imported Radio – Trance Channel


    Windows Media Player:

  5. jack says:

    man, we appreciate this. Awesome. i am sure this is one of the best sites in the net for Trance music lovers…. keep moving ( a song in ATB dj in the Mix ) haha

  6. patryk says:

    Since finding AVB by shear coincidence, I’ve been listening ever since. I listen to something from AVB just about everyday! Keep on producing more great albums and tracks!

  7. james says:

    i love buuren . waana see him before i die , he is idol for me , everyday i wake up i hear his music .

    god- y i was born in india :( ,,, i want in netherlands :)

  8. El Divino says:

    AVB was in mexico city last August with imagine tour , i only have to say , awesome ! ! !

  9. bunzl says:

    suburb site keep up the good work much appreciated!!!

  10. Andy says:

    Thank you so much for continuing to provide links to ASOT. Makes my week every week.

    You should run a donation service…

    I’d chip in for your efforts.

  11. Bitter Zazon says:

    I love your website and a love ASOT,thanks a lot!

  12. SИNTEZ says:

    Обожаю АRMINA!я из страны где слабо развита Trance культура,поэтому надеяться на появление самого господина Buurena остаеться только в мечтах!

  13. foxmulder881 says:

    weloveatrance.com has become my weekly site for all the latest episode downloads, cue sheets and tracklists. Thanks a lot for all your efforts. They are much appreciated. ;-)
    PS. To show my appreciation, I was going to check out the donation page, but it doesn’t seem to be in English. Just a heads up.

  14. Trance4you says:

    Thanks man!! Donation page is multilanguage and at first you must activate javascript in you browser. After that click “Wriate a message” near “Select language |”, choose you country and read information how to donate!!

  15. jonxthxn says:

    ive been following you since episode 370 your site is great thankss

  16. Mehmet F. says:

    Your site is awesome.
    Love u Armin.
    From Istanbul-Turkey.

  17. Grzesiek says:

    ASOT is the best radio show !!!!!!!! I love it!!!!!!!! :D

  18. nader says:

    thanks for this site is the best and thanks armin for this music you are the best

  19. slim says:

    Hi, it’s a very great blog.
    I could tell how much efforts you’ve taken on it.
    Keep doing!

  20. CST says:

    I saw a lot of great resources here . Thanks for all the efforts. Good job

  21. Maxisoft says:

    hello, I really enjoyed navigating on your blog, and I really want to put it on my blogRoll.

    So, if you’re interested for an exchange, please contact me :)

    Thanks ^^

  22. duration says:

    Full ASOT 450 Day 1 (one archive – 950Mb) Letitbit link is dead, may I ask to reupload it again, please?

  23. Nicky says:

    First of all, thanks for your great Service.

    Since Rapidshare.com kicled many users in the a**. I have changed
    to another OCH named Netload.in.
    Is there a way for you to upload weeklys ASOT to Netload.in ,too?

    I would really appreciate that.
    Thank You very much.

  24. Fethisvu says:

    Hi, Everybody. Thanks alot for this great site who provide to funs of trance music the famous show “State of Trance”
    you’re the Best, keep forward!!!!. WOW

  25. roozbeh says:

    i love u armin, i love ur music and if there is a God,I am sure he/she is listening to your miracle every second…listening and over listening… roozbeh from iran/tehran

  26. Zeduga says:

    I have a new trance torrent site and I would like to exchange links with you. Please, contact me and you can delete this comment. ;)

  27. Sam says:

    oh!this is a perfect web since I found it from Google.you’re awsome…keep goin’ with your great job…

  28. fatal says:

    Thank you so much for your music and ease of download. I wish you and your site the best of luck.

  29. bigzaqui says:

    thanks for this page, is the trance paradise :) . PD: had you think about creating a podcast ?

  30. NeonZ says:

    I wanted to say that there is a mistake on your site.
    ASOT 500′s 1st day’s 1st song is not Deadmau5 – HR 8938 Cephei because it sounds completely different. Please fix this, thanks!

  31. Reza says:

    I Love ASOT..
    I’m Reza From IRAN..

    One Of The Best & Oldest Country In the Old History But Now I Can Say Iran Become The F**king Country That People Have No Freedom No Music No Disco No Club & No LIFE haha

    Is There Any Radio Channel On Satellite That Play ASOT Weekly ?

    (Sorry If I can’t Speak English Well) :D

  32. Firechicken99 says:

    FYI The Ferry Corsten hotfile link for ASOT500 is down… I was there this weekend and its awesome to be able to get these!! Thanks!!!

  33. 31jp13 says:

    What’s up with the HotFile site deleting all the old links to ASOTs due copyright reasons???

    Anyone else noticed this?

  34. marcos shake says:

    asot es el mejor programe deradio que puede esxistir……Armin sos el mejor…..!!!!

  35. Joe says:

    Thanks for making this site available for downloading the episode, I come here at least once a week to get em!

  36. Andy flower says:

    DJ Armin van Buuren is a famous around the world and I’m the big dummy of DJ Armin van Buuren. Especially I like his voice that inspire me lot. Thanks :)

  37. Brendan says:

    I have a request for the managers of this site: can you guys pleas re-upload some of the 2008-early 2009 episodes? Those were my favorites and I’ve been trying to download them for old times sake, but all the links seem to be deleted. If you cannot yourselves, do you suppose you could get someone else to do it? Thank you!

  38. Brendan says:

    I would have sent an email but I can’t find any contact info :(

  39. Анна says:

    супер!!!!!!большое спасибо

  40. Michael says:


    great site! love it since I download the shows and listen to them while running. Nothing better really!

    just wondering: Are the ASOT radio-show recordings and subsequent downloads actually legal? I am a premium DI.fm subscriber but I still wonder…

  41. Chaosmeist3r says:

    Your website is awesome! keep up the amazing work!

    don’t know if it’s legal but it’s like ages ago, when you recorded radio to cassette, only that it’s digital now. i don’t think anyone really cares

  42. Crownofthorns17 says:

    Hey, I love this site!

    I am hoping to find a recording of John O’Callaghan’s set from A State of Trance 500 Day 3 – LIVE_from_Club_G.E.B.A._Buenos_Aires_Argentina 02-04-2011 that does not have the Armin/ASOT commentary/voice overs.

    I know I have it in my iTunes library, but I can’t find the recording that does not have the voice overs from Armin. Does anyone know where I can download this?

    Thanks in advance!

  43. andydufresne says:

    Hi! I tell You, Trance is my live, that is sense of my live. I belive that people in future will appreciate the peaceful character of trance music. Beside keep move in that what You are doing. Armin we love what You do. Best regards:)

  44. Eslam Hesham says:

    What A Great Site..Actually I visit It Everyday ..Thanks Man For Uploading The Episodes Of This Radio Show

  45. Luchito says:

    Congrats for this page, i just wanna congrats you for the excelent and the update that have the page.

    From Argentina, i congratulate this page and the people who works on them.

    I Love Trance.


  46. Uness says:

    Hi man;
    Please can you add Putlocker or Mediafire to the list of the servers you use to upload files, I found so much troubles when I try to download a file from the servers you use
    I really hope you to take my comment in your considerations.
    take care friend

  47. trancefan says:

    Great re-design. Really sharp! But what happened to using Mega for downloading? Fast and easy. Any chance of re-using it? Thanks for all the work on the site. Gotta get my trance fix.

  48. Bryan Winder says:

    Where’s ASOT 622.
    Missing my weekly trance fix.

  49. James says:


    why do I need a premium account for downloading the SBD version?

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