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YEARMIX 2009: A State of Trance Yearmix 2009 Mixed by Armin Van Buuren

Artist: Armin van Buuren
Title Of Album: A State Of Trance YearMix 2009
Date Of Release: 17-12-2009
Label: Cloud 9 Music
Genre: Trance
Quality: MP3 / Joint Stereo
Bitrate: 192 kbit/s / 44.1 Khz
Total Size: 188.2 MB

Official WebSite: www.arminvanbuuren.com
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What a year for the A State of Trance radioshow. Not only did it celebrate its 400th episode with three events in three different countries, covered by a 72-hour live broadcast, it also supplied the listeners their weekly fix of trance minded music, with hundreds of tracks by renowned producers and new talent. The man behind it all, is Armin van Buuren.

With an unabated enthusiasm and ever-growing passion for music, Armin selects the best and latest in trance and progressive on a weekly base, no matter how heavy his tour schedule might be. For 8 years already has the A State of Trance radioshow been the perfect guide through all new music out there. With 28 million listeners on a weekly base, divided over 40 radiostations worldwide, A State of Trance is one of the most popular radioshows of the dance scene. Created, spread and backed up by the number one DJ in the world, A State of Trance is ready for another year with fresh and exciting trance music. But not before 2009 is being closed down in style.

As an annual tradition, Armin van Buuren lets his listeners vote for their 20 favourite tracks in the Top 20 poll, of which the result influences the tracklisting of the A State of Trance Yearmix. You’ll find the complete Top 20 mixed in with another 65 key tracks of 2009 on the ‘A State of Trance Yearmix 2009′ album. Mixed and selected by Armin van Buuren, ‘A State of Trance Yearmix 2009′ provides you the perfect way to relive and remember the year 2009.



01. Intro – Revolution 2009
02. The Blizzard with Gate – Iselilja (Sunn Jellie & The Blizzard dub mix)
03. Fabio XB & Andrea Mazza – Light to lies (Gareth Emery remix)
04. Ferry Corsten feat. Novastar – Because (the Remix)
05. Jerome Isma-ae – Hold that sucker down
06. Moonbeam feat. Avis Vox – About you
07. Matt Darey pres. Urban Astronauts – See the sun (Aurosonic remix)
08. Dakota – Johnny the fox (Barnes & Heatcliff remix)
09. Sebastian Ingrosso – Kidsos (Wippenberg remix)
10. Wippenberg – Pong
11. John O’Callaghan feat. Audrey Gallagher – Take it all away (Marcus Schössow remix)
12. Arnej – Dust in the wind
13. Above & Beyond – Anjunabeach
14. Armin van Buuren feat. Jacqueline Govaert – Never say never (Omnia remix)
15. Ron Hagen & Pascal M – Riddles in the sand
16. Mat Zo – The Fractal Universe
17. John O’Callaghan feat. Lo-Fi Sugar – Never fade away (Andy Duguid remix)
18. Nic Chagall feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn – This moment (Prog mix)
19. Armin van Buuren feat. VanVelzen – Broken tonight
20. John O’Callaghan feat. Sarah Howells – Find yourself (Cosmic Gate remix)
21. Armin van Buuren feat. Cathy Burton – Rain (Cosmic Gate remix)
22. Paul van Dyk feat. Johnny McDaid – Home (Cosmic Gate remix)
23. Chicane – Poppiholla
24. Josh Gabriel pres. Winter kills – Deep down
25. Monogato – Miami vibe (Omnia remix)
26. Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren – Beggin’ you (Armin van Buuren remix)
27. Rank 1 – Symfo (Sunrise festival theme)
28. Above & Beyond pres. Oceanlab – On a good day (Above & Beyond club mix)
29. Gareth Emery – Metropolis
30. Paul van Dyk – Nothing but you (Super8 & Tab remix)
31. Rex Mundi feat. Susana – Nothing at all
32. Marco V – Unprepared
33. Nadia Ali – Love story (Andy Moor’s remix)
34. Sean Tyas & Simon Patterson – For the most part (Marcus Schössow remix)
35. Sander van Doorn pres. Purple haze – Bliksem
36. Ohmna feat. Nurlaila – Key of life (MarLo remix)
37. Arnej – They need us (club edit)
38. Andy Moor & Ashley Wallbridge – Faces
39. Lange feat. Sarah Howells – Let it all out (Ronski speed remix)
40. Nitrous Oxide – Magenta
41. M.I.K.E. – Sunrise at Palamos 2009 (Gareth Emery remix)
42. Lange & Andy Moor – Stadium Four
43. Markus Schulz – Do you dream
44. Dash Berlin feat. Emma Hewitt – Waiting

CD 2:

1. Cressida – Onyric (Stoneface & Terminal remix)
2. Claudia Cazacu feat. Audrey Gallagher – Freefallin
3. Filo & Peri feat. Aruna – Ashley (Alex M.O.R.P.H. remix)
4. DJ Eco – Lost Angeles (breakfast remix)
5. Dash Berlin with Cerf, Mitiska & Jaren – Man on the run
6. Bobina – Invisible Touch (Ferry Corstens touch remix)
7. M6 – Opus Sectrum
8. Oceanlab – I am what I am (Lange remix)
9. Oceanlab – Lonely girl (Gareth Emery remix)
10. Super8 & Tab – Irufushi
11. Daniel Kandi – Venice Beach
12. Sied van Riel – MME
13. Gaia – Tuvan
14. Fabio XB & Ronnie Play feat. Gabriel Cage – Inside of you (Cosmic gate remix)
15. Roger Shah & Signum – Healesville sanctuary (Roger Shah remix)
16. Ram – RAMsterdam (Jorn van Deynhoven remix)
17. Philippe el Sisi feat Aminda – You never know (Aly & Fila remix)
18. Breakfast – Remember
19. Jochen Miller – Brace Yourself
20. Gareth Emery – Exposure
21. Tritonal feat. Soto – Piercing quiet
22. Ummet Ozcan – Timewave Zero
23. Neptune Project – Aztec
24. Ilya Soloviev – Universal universe
25. Thomas Bronzwaer – Look ahead
26. Andy Blueman – Everlasting
27. Heatbeat – Vergatron
28. Armin van Buuren – Face to face (Martin Roth remix)
29. Ferry Corsten – We belong (Tritonal up there remix)
30. John O’Callaghan feat. Josie – Out of nowhere (Stoneface & Terminal remix)
31. TyDi feat. Audrey Gallagher – You walk away
32. Alex M.O.R.P.H. feat Ana Criado – Sunset Boulevard
33. Sander van Doorn – Bastillon
34. Paul Webster feat. Angelic Amanda – Time (Sean Tyas dub mix)
35. Rank 1 – L.E.D. There be light
36. W&W – Mainstage
37. Vast Vision feat. Fisher – Everything (Aly & Fila remix)
38. Simon Patterson – Thump
39. Sean Tyas – Melbourne
40. 3rd Moon – Monsun
41. Outro – The Revolution has only just begun

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  1. Kiews says:

    Download links?

  2. PATRICKdan says:

    OMG, this is surrely something :)
    i can’t wiat for it !
    thanks from me, again, from Romania !

  3. Trance4you says:

    2 Kiews: not yet… Please wait for ASOT 437 on December 31 2009 ;)

  4. momo says:

    hey all im mohamed im one of armin van buuren fans here is my mail to talk with me



  5. StaN says:

    bedzie dużo swietnych kawałków ;)

  6. Mahavir Sharma says:

    most of my this year personal favs are on these two CD’s. awaiting for there release eagerly.

    ARMIN… you are the best…!!!!!!

  7. Mahavir Sharma says:

    two tracks from ASOT 387 were also good. wish they had made it to the list as well

    1) adymus – kalaidoscope eyes
    2) armin van buuren – imagine (paul miller remix)

  8. omgott says:

    Does any1 have a dl-link?

  9. dimosound says:

    Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat xD!
    but… uhmmm and Mÿon & Shane 54???.. =(.. and Tritonal-CloudBase?.. T_T—>

  10. ecstasy says:

    Yes,Armin,thats GREAT Stuff…its in the Usenet now,take it from there…

  11. Kiyoone says:

    WOW!!! GREAT!

  12. PirateOfTrance says:

    For the bottom of my soul & from the depth of my heart. Thank you Thank you THANK YOU. Amazing job

  13. nader says:

    thanks for the links….

  14. StaN says:

    great a state of trance year mix 2009 :)

  15. tranteno says:

    armin are we human or are we dancer

  16. ljusik says:


  17. ljusik says:

    2 tranteno says:
    December 19, 2009 at 5:23 pm
    armin are we human or are we dancer


    2 Amazon would kill me for that…


  18. The best yearmix ever, I listen it today 15x CD1 I can’t stop listen… (rock)

  19. Eddy says:

    oh yeah! nice one dude!
    and on 31th of December.. Armin is with us! In Lebanon! :)

  20. vipul says:

    amazing work..!! armin ur the king maan..!! awesome songs..!!

    trance for life.. \m/
    thanks to you.. and all the others who made these beautiful tracks.. thanks again.. from india,delhi…

  21. vipul says:

    happy new year. and merry Christmas to all of the trance lovers..
    i hope next years turns out to be even more rocking for all of us..

  22. Monib A.n says:

    Good Stuff. Whered you get it btw?

  23. чэл says:

    круто однако, всех гц с годовим миксом

  24. what am i doing wrong says:

    Hey, I downloaded the track and changed the filename to .mp3 but it still won’t play. what’s going on?

  25. Jeff says:


  26. Ovo says:

    Great mix this one too!! trance for life thanks to you.. happy new year and merry Christmas! Ovo-Romania!

  27. André Carrasco says:

    O M G! this is a masterpiece!!
    I can’t believe what armin did… Armin u’re tha best! i am completely waiting for top 20!

    Cheers from Portugal!

    Merry Christmas and a happy new year!

  28. Михалыч says:

    Вот это вообще клёво, спасибо! :о)

  29. sam_Goa says:

    This is years CD 2 is much better. than CD1… last years CD1 was amazing…

    Thanks a lot uploader..

  30. Ahmed says:

    Very Good Job but where is the first c.d i can’t wait :) :):):)

  31. TranceLovers says:

    Where i can get the CD 1???
    can u boys or girls put a links so that i can download it.
    I really need it. PLZ
    thx :o

  32. ful-macian says:

    soy de valencia y me encanta.muchas gracias

  33. LordSexyness says:

    This is the Best Year MIX Ever!! – Armin You ARE THE KING! Thankyou For Everything!

    Happy Holidays and Winters Guy!

  34. naysra says:

    absolutely amazing!!! i cant believe it.. this is beyond any other production. Armin unfortunately you put all other DJ’s to shame with this.. 5*

  35. reza says:

    can’t wait until sale in indonesia….
    I went to your playing at Indonesia in Jakarta…wow it’s amazing …. and i have traveller 4 hours airplane to watch your playing …and it’s worth it !!!!

  36. AnbroK says:

    Amazing one but not his best yearmix!

  37. ejjan says:

    amazing! i cant find words covering my excitement..

    pure love to these tracks:

    -Armin van Buuren feat. VanVelzen – Broken tonight

    -Above & Beyond pres. Oceanlab – On a good day (Above & Beyond club mix)[never gets bored]

    -Andy Moor & Ashley Wallbridge – Faces

    -Bobina – Invisible Touch (Ferry Corstens touch remix)

  38. nalendra says:

    great tracks..!!

  39. decode says:

    yearmix is the best episode ever

  40. mglt says:

    A State of Trance is the best of all!!! It changed my life! Thanks btw From Mongolia

  41. sagar says:

    CD1 is wonderfull……

  42. AJ says:

    Hey! The links off..
    Someone can display again!?

    Holá! Los links estan apagados.
    Vosotros podrian exibir nuevamente!?

    Oi! Os links estão desligados.
    Alguem poderia exibir novamente!?

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